Most Animalia Asana® teachers tend to focus on sharing workshops for adults rather than regular classes (although there is a weekly class taking place in Hungary and soon to commence in Scotland). But do get in touch if you are keen on a regular class, and we’ll see if one can be set up near you. You can find three classes currently on You Tube and more will be online soon.

50% of all funds from the classes (just like all Animalia Asana® activities) go to both the not-for-profit FIAPO and the charity International Animal Rescue; the remaining 50% is reinvested into the voluntary Animalia Asana initiative. The variety of Animalia Asana® classes available are listed below, many with a set sequence of animal-named postures, offering you the chance to really get to know your postures and to truly witness your experience with them. Classes are infused with a mix of animal biology (both human and non-human) concerning each asana and animal-based spirituality behind each asana. The classes also incorporate a little chanting and pranayama, all animal-oriented of course! The shared intention set for each class is always in dedication to animals, offering inspiration, connection and compassion. Everyone is welcome – each posture can be adapted to suit everyone’s physical ability although you may gravitate towards a class you think most suitable for you. 

These are the classes that a trained Animalia Asana® teacher can share with their community (in all classes, adaptations for each posture can be given so each class is suitable for everyone):

  • The Animalia Asana® Class
    This is the full and main Animalia Asana practice covering almost all of the animal postures. The full set sequence class takes roughly 2 hours and comprises around 40 of the animal-named postures. In a 90- or 60-minute class, we fit in as much of this set-sequence as possible and alternate some of the postures that we practice week-to-week.
  • Animalia Asana® Flow
    Generally a set sequence of postures explored in a slow-flow capacity and with more repetition.
  • Animalia Asana® Restorative
    Generally a variety (or set sequence, depending on the teacher) of postures at a much slower pace, low physical intensity, more passive, staying in the postures for at least a few minutes.
  • Animalia Asana® Advanced
    Generally a variety (or set sequence, depending on the teacher) of postures, hatha in style and featuring the more physically demanding postures or a more advanced arrangement of the postures.
  • Animalia Asana® General
    Generally a set sequence of postures, hatha in style, somewhere in between the Animalia Asana Flow, Restorative and Advanced practices.
  • Organic Animalia Asana®
    Hatha/flow, different set of postures each time – medium level of physical intensity.
  • Animalia Asana® – inspiring the activist (coming soon)
    A class designed to inspire activists in their work.
  • Animalia Asana® – caring for the activist
    A class tailored for animal activists/advocates who can be vulnerable to compassion fatigue or secondary post-traumatic stress.
  • Animalia Asana® for Kids!

These classes will comprise predominantly of the animal-named postures and the animal-based teachings, biology and mythology surrounding these. Workshops usually comprise a wider breadth and balance of Animalia Asana® practices, including the animal-named mudras, animal-oriented chanting and animal-based meditation.

 See if you have an Animalia Asana® teacher near to you… we are willing to travel! Get in touch to arrange a class or workshop near you/at your centre. Animalia Asana® practices can be tailored to your needs (e.g., even for chair yoga).

Are you already a certified yoga teacher and feeling drawn to teach an official Animalia Asana® class or workshop to help spread further compassion towards animals, helping both people and animals? Why not complete our Animalia Asana® Specialization Training and do just that? You’ll become a lifelong member whilst you’re at it.

A stupendous 50% of all funds of each class (after expenses) go to charities FIAPO and International Animal Rescue. The remaining 50% is reinvested into the initiative. No wages are paid.
Animalia Asana® is an unincorporated voluntary association.


Photographer: Kim Sweet
Photographer: Kim Sweet
Image courtesy of Cesar Vargas, sourced from Flickr Creative Commons.
Image courtesy of Cesar Vargas, sourced from Flickr Creative Commons.








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Photographer: Eva Kristlova
Photographer: Kim Sweet
Photographer: Kim Sweet