Animalia Asana® Specialisation Training is for yoga teachers of any tradition who wish to incorporate the animal element within yoga more distinctly into their teaching or knowledge base. Or you can join the growing international Animalia Asana community by offering dedicated Animalia Asana sessions to current and new clients (with 50% of the funds raised going to animal charity). This is a fantastic opportunity to fill a niche, to offer healing to humans, and to help animals through fundraising, raising awareness and streamlining our mental attitude. Join us and spread more compassion for animals in society through your love of yoga!

 There are two training options:

1) Online distance one-to-one training – £99 (from anywhere, anytime!)

Fantastic for people based further afield, who are short of time or funds, who are confident using the online demonstrations and who already feel well-versed in the animal-named asanas. This is via Skype, email and snail mail (if applicable), and there’ll be greater use/analysis of and reference to the Animalia Asana® online video resources. This can be completed intensively in several hours or, alternatively, less intensively with breaks in between over several weeks – your choice.

2) Face-to-face training – Sat 14th & Sun 15th April 2018 at The Ecology Centre in Fife, Scotland!

NB: SemillaYogaPermaculture has invited Animalia Asana® to hold an exclusive training in early June 2018 in Spain. Get in touch should you wish to join us for the training in the Spanish valleys of Semilla’s beautiful eco site: only two spaces left!

2018’s main training will be taking place at The Ecology Centre, nestled in the stunning banks of Kinghorn Loch in Fife. Also of interest is an inspiring Earthship just around the corner! Within walking distance from the Kinghorn village train station, it is the perfect hideaway spot yet with easy connections to and from Edinburgh. Register your interest now!

  • Early-bird price of £165 if you book your place before 31st January 2018 and £190 thereafter.
  • Includes one 9am-9pm training day, and one 9am-4pm training day.
  • Includes one vegan, gluten-free dinner on the Saturday evening (mild lentil green Thai curry). Bring own veggie lunches.
  • For those coming from further afield, camping is possible on the stunning site for as many nights as you desire (at £15 per person per night including use of kitchen and bathroom) or there are local B&Bs within walking distance.
  • Small training group – maximum of six people.
The Ecology Centre
View of Kinghorn Loch from The Ecology Centre
View of Kinghorn Loch from The Ecology Centre

This training takes place annually and is fantastic for people who enjoy intensive group learning, respond most optimally to experiential learning, prefer good old-fashioned face-to-face learning and wish to extend the training into a mini retreat. The first training in 2016 took place in the South of England; the second in Spring 2017 took place in Highland Perthshire with exquisite views of Loch Tay, and the setting of a community eco-building. View the testimonials.

BOTH training options include the following:

  • An E-book containing
    – the 50 (approx.) animal-named asanas with detailed accompanying information on the anatomy and physiology of each
    hgposture, the spirituality/mythology/history of each posture and inspiring facts about the animal named in each posture
    – the 40 (approx.) animal-named mudras
    – general information for use at the start/throughout/end of the class that is not specific to a posture
    – a breakdown of the animals associated with the chakras
    – an extensive collection of readings and quotes to use in your Animalia Asana® sessions
  • Lectures on the ahimsa and daana teachings, Animalia Asana’s interpretation of the ahimsa/daana teachings and the background to and evidence of the animal element within yoga
  • A discourse on the contentious issues within the animal element of yoga
  • Animalia Asana Chanting Cards translated specially for Animalia Asana® (including Sanskrit, transliteration & English) in addition to an online collection of other animal-oriented chants that complement the ethos of Animalia Asana
  • Examples of guided animal-themed relaxations and meditations
  • Ideas on how to create your Animalia Asana classes and workshops and a comprehensive break-down of all the different Animalia Asana classes and workshops available
  • The chance to further fine-tune your physical practice of each animal-named posture
  • Recommendation of key books for your Animalia Asana journey
  • Life-long use of the Animalia Asana® name and logo, life-long listing as a certified Animalia Asana® teacher on this website with details of your Animalia Asana activities (including assistance in promoting your events) and life-long membership of Animalia Asana with the opportunity to become a voting member of the management committee (see our Constitution here)
  • Some information and guidance about (and experience of for the face-to-face option) The Animal Dance (an ecstatic awakening dance focusing on connecting with our animal nature) and on Animalia Asana sessions for kids*
  • Exclusive access to the Animalia Asana International Teachers Facebook group/email community for continued support (including from the Founder/Trainer) and regular updates of new Animalia Asana content for your teaching
  • … and of course a 50% donation to International Animal Rescue and Animal Aid

Both training options contain the same content and depth of information; the online distance training option lacks the same extent of practical and experiential elements that the face-to-face group training enables. The timing of the online distance training option can be arranged to suit you and your life optimally. See testimonials here from the 2016 and 2017 trainings. For both training options, we sign an agreement that includes a commitment by you to give 50% of any funds gained from any of your dedicated Animalia Asana activities to Animal Aid and International Animal Rescue (or another animal charity subject to agreement). NB: When just incorporating the animal element within yoga into other general yoga teaching (and not using the Animalia Asana® logo, name or titles) then a donation of funds is not obligatory.

Book your place or find our more.

 *NB: to easily find an insurer you’ll likely need to have a children’s yoga teacher training certificate to share Animalia Asana in schools or with kids.

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One day the absurdity of the almost universal human belief in the slavery of other animals will be palpable. We shall then have discovered our souls and become worthier of sharing this planet with them.
— attributed to Martin Luther King, Jr





Specially translated for Animal Yoga™ by Shashi at Authentic Sanskrit.
Specially translated for Animal Yoga™ by Shashi at Authentic Sanskrit.



=   Pashu (nonhuman animal)