Unleashing the stunning Animal Yoga Chanting Cards – NOW FOR SALE

£7 for one box of four chanting cards (double-sided) plus £2.80 for delivery (free delivery if within ten miles of Cupar, Fife). Recycled cardboard box and printed on cotton rag paper (by-products of textile industry). NB: product comes with black Animal Yoga logo printed on the top-side of the box and with a gold-ribbon bow (neither of these shown in the photos currently).

Each chanting card is decorated with a stunning animal picture on the back and the front of each card details the Sanskrit text, the transliteration and the English – all specially formulated and translated chants for Animal Yoga™.

Chant away for the animals as part of your yoga/meditation practice!

Chant 1:
“Let us be inspired by our fellow earthlings”
Chant 2:
“Let us connect with our animal friends and our own animal nature”
Chant 3:
“Let us be a force for fostering more compassion in the world toward animals”
Chant 4:
“Let us believe in a world where one day no animals shall suffer at the hand of humans for any purpose”

See the Mantra Melodies in action here.
To order, please get in touch.

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