Animalia Asana® is a voluntary organisation, with no paid wages. All funds are split equally between the charities we fundraise for and investing directly into the other healing, educational and networking activities of Animalia Asana®.

One of our core aims, as a charitable membership body, is to create a global community drawn together by a shared interest in the multifaceted animal element in yoga. We can learn together and work together to apply the animal element in yoga as a tool for raising the profile of animal protection amongst the wider yoga community and society in general. Members receive 25% discounts on any Animalia Asana® priced activities (including memberships if you progress from life-long Supporter to life-long Associate), the opportunity to have your yoga-related activities (so long as any food provisions are plant-based) promoted across Animalia Asana® platforms and quarterly updates regarding research into the animal element in yoga.

Membership also serves the fundraising core aim of Animalia Asana®: 50% of the membership funds will go to the designated charities and the other half will be invested into Animalia Asana® helping it to thrive! The following two membership types are available:

  • Supporter Membership

    £100 (lifelong) / £10 each year
    NB: this life-long membership is automatically included in the Animalia Asana® Specialization Training
    For any individual (no need to be a yoga teacher) or organisation (does not need to be yoga-related) wishing to more officially support, connect with, invest in the future of and receive more benefits from Animalia Asana®


  • Associate Membership

    £150 (lifelong) / £20 each year
    For any individual wishing to go a step further from the Supporter membership and have voting rights regarding decision making within the organisation. Having anything from a small to large role within the management committee is also an option (but not an obligation).