A dedicated mini course specially for practitioners of yoga who are eager to learn about the animal element within yoga at a more in-depth level than that possible in classes and workshops. Also a great option if you are extra keen about Animalia Asana® but there are not any Animalia Asana teachers near to you as yet…

The course can be tailor-made to suit your needs in the following ways:

  • An online one-to-one course (purely theory with reference to free online classes)
  • A face-to-face course (individual or group) featuring either only theory or a mixture of theory and practical (Animalia Asana comes to you)
  • You decide the length, location, date and time of the training (and therefore, also the cost)
  • You decide the specific aspects to focus on (see content options below or the course can provide a general overview)

Exemplar content could include some of the following (depending on the time and cost of your tailor-made course):

  • Experience of all possible kinds of Animalia Asana classes (if in person)
  • Lectures on the ahimsa (non-harming) and daana (charity) teachings, Animalia Asana’s interpretation of the ahimsa/daana teachings
  • Lectures on the background to and evidence of the animal element within yoga
  • A discourse on the contentious issues within the animal element of yoga
  • An E-book of all animal-named postures and mudras (with detailed accompanying information concerning the physical, spiritual and animal aspects of the posture or mudra)
  • An extensive collection of animal-oriented readings and quotes
  • Commentary on how animals are connected to the chakras
  • Animalia Asana Chanting Cards translated specially for Animalia Asana (including Sanskrit, transliteration & English) in addition to an online collection of other animal-oriented chants that complement the ethos of Animalia Asana
  • The chance to further fine-tune your physical practice of each animal-named posture
  • Recommendation of key books for your Animalia Asana journey
  • Guided animal-themed relaxations and meditations
  • Experience of The Animal Dance (if in person)
  • … and of course a 50% donation to International Animal Rescue and FIAPO

Get in touch and arrange your tailor-made Animalia Asana course today, wherever you are in the world!
(as a rough guide, a 2-hr online course would cost roughly £40 with 40% of the funds being donated to animal charity and the remainder being reinvested into the charitable Animalia Asana initiative)

2019 Events:

Animalia Asana® Study Retreat – *140 €/ £120 / Ft, 13th-15th September, Hungary

*These are the early-bird prices. Prices will increase by 10% after June 1st. Price includes three nights basic and shared accommodation (one room and bathroom shared between four people), all food (100% plant-based) and collection from the nearest station. Discounts are available if accommodation is not required. Private rooms and bathroom will likely be available for an extra cost (please inquire). This event is run by volunteers (just expenses are covered: no wages are paid). 50% of funds go to animal charities; the remainder is reinvested into this voluntary initiative.

The first of its kind, an Animalia Asana® Study Retreat is taking place in a restored World War II building in the village of Őrtilos in Somogy, Hungary. This is a rural spot, close to River Drava and very close to the border of Croatia. For those wishing to combine learning and experiencing more of the animal element in yoga with a mini small-group retreat. Arrival is on the evening of Friday 13th September and departure on the evening of Sunday 15th (though if you need an extra night’s accommodation this can be arranged). You will need to get to either Őrtilos railway station or Nagykanizsa railway station. We will collect you from either of these (Nagykanizsa has more travel options). We can also drop you back to one of these stations on either the Sunday evening or Monday morning. Get in touch to get help with travel, find out more or to book your place.

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