A dedicated mini course specially for practitioners of yoga who are eager to learn about the animal element within yoga at a more in-depth level than that possible in classes and workshops. Also a great option if you are extra keen about Animalia Asana® but there are not any Animalia Asana teachers near to you as yet…

The course can be tailor-made to suit your needs in the following ways:

  • An online one-to-one course (purely theory with reference to free online classes)
  • A face-to-face course (individual or group) featuring either only theory or a mixture of theory and practical (Animalia Asana comes to you)
  • You decide the length, location, date and time of the training (and therefore, also the cost)
  • You decide the specific aspects to focus on (see content options below or the course can provide a general overview)

Exemplar content could include some of the following (depending on the time and cost of your tailor-made course):

  • Experience of all possible kinds of Animalia Asana classes (if in person)
  • Lectures on the ahimsa (non-harming) and daana (charity) teachings, Animalia Asana’s interpretation of the ahimsa/daana teachings
  • Lectures on the background to and evidence of the animal element within yoga
  • A discourse on the contentious issues within the animal element of yoga
  • An E-book of all animal-named postures and mudras (with detailed accompanying information concerning the physical, spiritual and animal aspects of the posture or mudra)
  • An extensive collection of animal-oriented readings and quotes
  • Commentary on how animals are connected to the chakras
  • Animalia Asana Chanting Cards translated specially for Animalia Asana (including Sanskrit, transliteration & English) in addition to an online collection of other animal-oriented chants that complement the ethos of Animalia Asana
  • The chance to further fine-tune your physical practice of each animal-named posture
  • Recommendation of key books for your Animalia Asana journey
  • Guided animal-themed relaxations and meditations
  • Experience of The Animal Dance (if in person)
  • … and of course a 50% donation to International Animal Rescue and FIAPO


Get in touch and arrange your tailor-made Animalia Asana course today, wherever you are in the world!
(as a rough guide, a 2-hr online course would cost roughly £40 with 40% of the funds being donated to animal charity and the remainder being reinvested into the charitable Animalia Asana initiative)

Animal Yoga Training 2017a

Training 2017a