First Attendee Testimonial :)

Yurts SunsetAnimal Yoga has been graced with a very complimentary testimonial from our very first attendee over the last two sessions!

“Although I’ve been to many of Jenny’s classed before, I didn’t really know what to expect from Animal Yoga. Pretty quickly after arriving at the beautiful venue that is itself nestled amongst animals and stunning views, I knew I was in for a treat. The class started with a breath technique that I’d never experienced before but almost immediately helped me quieten the monkey chatter in my brain and I quickly let go of my busy day and ‘arrived’ into my practice quicker than usual. The class itself was a great mix of postures – some familiar, some new and some challenging! As with all her classes, Jenny created a beautiful calm space to practice in that retained a sense of fun and adventure. The readings and stories interspersed throughout the class added an extra dimension and helped focus the mind. The postures will be a set sequence each time allowing for famliarity, which will enhance personal exploration of the postures and I’m eagerly awaiting the next class!” – the very first attendee of Animal Yoga™.

It’s like a mini pilgrimage making our way to this wholesome, tucked-away yurt set on an organic farm. It makes the practice feel all the more special and it’s almost like we have a mini safari included as we see bunny rabbits, alpacas (or llamas – not yet sure which!), cats, dogs horses and more on arrival and departure. 🙂 🙂

Why Animal Aid & International Animal Rescue?

With the numerous superb animal charities and not-for-profit organisations out there, it was indeed a difficult decision when deciding which two Animal Yoga™ would fundraise for/donate 40% of its funds to. Two not-for-profits were selected because it seemed too difficult and limited to pick just one.

International Animal Rescue was selected due to its global reach and its efforts on helping save animals and relieve their suffering in the here and now. To complement this, Animal Aid was selected alongside International Animal Rescue as the organisation focuses on political activism so as to secure positive and lasting change for the future in addition to general awareness raising amongst the public. Due to this political activism, it’s worth noting that Animal Aid is not allowed to be given a charity status, though it is run completely like a charity.

So, together, both these causes provide a very yogic-inspired BALANCE of how we can best help. One method (ie. focusing on relieving the suffering of extant animals or focusing on preventing such suffering in the future) is not more important than the other – both are required – and it is fantastic that Animal Yoga™ can support both of these charitable entities.

More about Animal Aid & International Animal Rescue.


Animal Yoga™ at first ever Eastbourne Yoga Show

Thanks to Eva Kristlova for the photo.
Thanks to Eva Kristlova for the photo.

It felt fabulous to be sharing Animal Yoga™ face-to-face with many yoga-loving attendees of the very first Eastbourne Yoga Show yesterday.

The banner definitely worked a treat to help attract attention and convey what we’re all about. There was intrigue, compliments, much interest and amazement that a similar venture has not been shared with the world before (to everyone’s knowledge)!

At 4pm, the Founder and currently sole Teacher (though not for long!!) of Animal Yoga™, Jenny Mace, delivered a well-attended taster session. Very difficult to condense a long 90-min practice into half an hour but again there was all the more intrigue, compliments, much interest and excitement. Next-up is sharing the Thursday eve class in Eastbourne with more people and offering Animal Yoga™ workshops in Brighton, Hastings & London. Thanks to everyone for their support. 🙂 🙂 🙂



A gift to the social enterprise of Animal Yoga™

Animal Yoga™ has been very fortunate to receive a gift to mark its birth – none other than an approximately 4400 year old bull antique originating from the Indus Valley, the oldest civilisation on the Indian subcontinent!! A testimony to the influence of animals within ancient civilisations and specifically within ancient Indian civilisations where yoga was born – and also highlighting perhaps how sacred the cow is in Indian culture. Also, a frog antique from ancient Sumeria where writing first began – wow!

Bull 1 Bull certificate Frog certificate Frog

Ahimsa/non-harming in its original state

Ahimsa: non-harming to all living beings

This is the transliteration from Sanskrit. The original Sanskrit (especially translated and created for Animal Yoga™) can be seen in the image here. Beautiful.

Many of us probably already embrace this principle a lot in our life but let us try to do one more little thing in honour of ahimsa today – toward ourselves and other fellow planetary beings regardless of the species  🙂