Mothering Connections

Motherhood is something shared with many other members of the animal kingdom… let this be just one of the many factors that ignite our sense of union with other creatures of this world.

Moreover, as the species that seems capable of compassion to the greatest degree (although perhaps simultaneously the greatest degree of violence), let us embrace this optimally and extend its reach to all species and the planet itself (as Mother Earth, Gaia) – protecting other species, especially those most vulnerable, not exploiting them.

Let us embrace the concept and practice of stewardship in Mothering Sunday and in general life mothering/parenting… ­čÖé

The Secret Temple Tibetan Exhibition

So pleased Animal Yoga visited The Secret Temple Tibetan exhibition at The Welcome Collection in London just in time before it ended ­čÖé

The ancient animal element within the Tibetan yogic philosophy was detectable immediately with the name of the secret temple – Lukhang – itself translating as “Temple to the Serpent Spirits”!

“Having meditated on gentleness and on compassion, I have forgotten the difference between myself and others”
~ Milarepa, 11th century (depicted in the image below meditating in a mountain; you can see the animals depicted around him too as is quite commonly the case within yogic philosophy/art)