First Attendee Testimonial :)

Yurts SunsetAnimal Yoga has been graced with a very complimentary testimonial from our very first attendee over the last two sessions!

“Although I’ve been to many of Jenny’s classed before, I didn’t really know what to expect from Animal Yoga. Pretty quickly after arriving at the beautiful venue that is itself nestled amongst animals and stunning views, I knew I was in for a treat. The class started with a breath technique that I’d never experienced before but almost immediately helped me quieten the monkey chatter in my brain and I quickly let go of my busy day and ‘arrived’ into my practice quicker than usual. The class itself was a great mix of postures – some familiar, some new and some challenging! As with all her classes, Jenny created a beautiful calm space to practice in that retained a sense of fun and adventure. The readings and stories interspersed throughout the class added an extra dimension and helped focus the mind. The postures will be a set sequence each time allowing for famliarity, which will enhance personal exploration of the postures and I’m eagerly awaiting the next class!” – the very first attendee of Animal Yoga™.

It’s like a mini pilgrimage making our way to this wholesome, tucked-away yurt set on an organic farm. It makes the practice feel all the more special and it’s almost like we have a mini safari included as we see bunny rabbits, alpacas (or llamas – not yet sure which!), cats, dogs horses and more on arrival and departure. 🙂 🙂

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