Animalia Asana® is honoured to be endorsed by our patrons such as Dr Valpey (aka Krishna Kshetra Swami):
“The term ‘yoga’ originally means ‘connection’. Connecting to our inner selves includes connecting to the variety of sentient beings around us, not least the non-human animals. Animalia Asana is bringing this essential element of yoga practice to the fore, and I’m sure it will have important benefits for all who participate in it.”

Here are testimonials from practitioners and teachers who have participated in Animalia Asana events:

Teacher Specialization Training

  • Thank you so much for all of the information. I enjoyed the course so much. I feel very moved and I’m inspired and excited for the future!” – Katie, 2018
  • I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed your training course. There was not one part of it I did not enjoy. It was truly fantastic. Thank you for all the juicy material.” – Karen, April 2018
  • “Loved loved loved the training. Awesome to be so inspired.– Lesley, April 2017
  • “This will be a great addition to my yoga for me & my students & it donates a big percentage of profits to animal charities” – Penny, May 2016
  • “Excellent, very thorough, extremely organized, plenty of information including handouts & downloads which followed, lots of practical work & ideas plus time for questions & clarification. Relaxing & fun too! Trainer sensitive to the needs of the course but also pragmatic & practical. Encouraging & supportive.” – Anonymous, May 2016


  • “One can’t deny or escape the animal element within yoga and it’s fantastic to see this social enterprise come into being focusing on this; enough isn’t said about the presence of animals within yoga nor of their suffering in the world and yoga’s relationship/response to this. A stunning and holistic blend of the philosophical/mythological and the physical with ancient teachings guiding the way. I hope Animal Yoga™ goes far.” – Anonymous, Nov 2015

General Workshop

  • “The AnimalYoga morning on October 22nd started with a meditation and some chanting, giving us plenty of time to relax and centre ourselves before starting our postures. The session was gentle and each posture was explained and guided by Penny. Penny also explained the meanings and stories behind each “animal” as we prepared or executed each posture. It was a most enjoyable morning which passed quickly, and culminated in tea and cakes, and time to chat and get to know each other!” – Hilary Jones, Kent Workshop with Penny
  • “I really enjoyed the animal yoga morning. It was good to learn the animal postures as well as sharing Penny’s love and passion for animals. I spent the rest of the day feeling calmly rejuvenated!!” – Gemma Lewis, Kent Workshop with Penny
  • “I endorse whole heartedly all the lovely comments concerning the animal yoga morning workshop with Penny. The detailed lengths she went to concerning the natural movements of many animals and then to recreate these in our human bodies through yoga felt amazing. The atmosphere was calm, peaceful and our “human jungle” united in harmony and love. Thank you Penny and NAMASTE to all you yogis with whom I shared this wonderful experience. Not forgetting the tea and cakes together afterwards!” – Christine Hawgood, Kent Workshop with Penny
  • “I really enjoyed the animal yoga morning. Started with a beautiful relaxation followed with chanting and then the wonderful postures. Each one carefully explained by Penny along with the subtler teachings that each animal brings. It was great to just immerse myself for a whole morning. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Pauline Rose, Kent Workshop with Penny
  • “Thank you for a really interesting and challenging workshop.” – Kat, Sep 2015
  • “Thank you! I was enjoying it very much. Great workshop.” – Mantana, Sep 2015
  • “It was a very fun, super lovely & interesting afternoon. I loved the animal asanas, mudras & chanting, thanks! I thoroughly enjoyed it & even surprised myself with managing/deepening a few asanas too which is always nice!” – Penny, Sep 2015
  • “It was a great workshop, I loved it .. what a great innovative way to explore the animal asanas & consider our relationship with our animal friends.” – Simon, Sep 2015

Restorative Workshop

  • “Jenny created a lovely relaxed, accepting atmosphere within which to fall more deeply into some of the animal postures, to really explore and surrender. I really enjoyed the variety within the workshop, with Jenny leading beautiful chants as well as the asana practice, guided visualisation and relaxation. It was clear how much work had gone into preparing the session, with beautifully poignant readings scattered among the activities, an opportunity to draw an animal card in the break…such beautiful attention to detail. Thank you Jen, I look forward to the next one.” – Lisa, Jan 2016
  • I am still basking in the glow of the Animal Yoga workshop on Saturday, Jen! My mammalian self feeling welcomed and restored. Loved the weave of asanas, poetry and chanting – went deep. Thank you! X” – Zanubia, Jan 2016.


  • “I didn’t really know what to expect from Animal Yoga. Pretty quickly after arriving at the beautiful venue that is itself nestled amongst animals and stunning views, I knew I was in for a treat. The class started with a breath technique that I’d never experienced before but almost immediately helped me quieten the monkey chatter in my brain and I quickly let go of my busy day and ‘arrived’ into my practice quicker than usual. The class itself was a great mix of postures – some familiar, some new and some challenging! As with all her classes, Jenny created a beautiful calm space to practice in that retained a sense of fun and adventure. The readings and stories interspersed throughout the class added an extra dimension and helped focus the mind. The postures will be a set sequence each time allowing for familiarity, which will enhance personal exploration of the postures and I’m eagerly awaiting the next class!” – Bobby, Sep 2015
  • “I enjoyed the practice and experienced imagery of animals and jungles!” – Anonymous, Aug 2015
  • I think hatha is really good, but it’s nice to do a set sequence each class, like the one you created. The ‘animal’ theme is really good, and the little touches like having the cards and giving some of the proceeds to animal charities is also cool. You have a good manner as a teacher, and the sequence is doable for people at different levels. I wish you success with spreading Animal yoga to your new home!” – Oli, May 2016

The kiddies (ages 4-6)

St John’s School:

  • “My favourite pose is downward-dog and puppy pose!” ~ Isabella
  • “I love the eagle game and I will miss Animal Yoga and you (teacher)!” ~ Tegan
  • “I really liked the animal obstacle course and the blindfolded Respect to the Animals game!” ~ Mek
  • “I really enjoy Animal Yoga, the new poses, getting stickers and the animal paper dance!” ~ Mo
  • “I loved the butterfly bowls game!” ~ Athena



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