Why Animal Aid & International Animal Rescue?

With the numerous superb animal charities and not-for-profit organisations out there, it was indeed a difficult decision when deciding which two Animal Yoga™ would fundraise for/donate 40% of its funds to. Two not-for-profits were selected because it seemed too difficult and limited to pick just one.

International Animal Rescue was selected due to its global reach and its efforts on helping save animals and relieve their suffering in the here and now. To complement this, Animal Aid was selected alongside International Animal Rescue as the organisation focuses on political activism so as to secure positive and lasting change for the future in addition to general awareness raising amongst the public. Due to this political activism, it’s worth noting that Animal Aid is not allowed to be given a charity status, though it is run completely like a charity.

So, together, both these causes provide a very yogic-inspired BALANCE of how we can best help. One method (ie. focusing on relieving the suffering of extant animals or focusing on preventing such suffering in the future) is not more important than the other – both are required – and it is fantastic that Animal Yoga™ can support both of these charitable entities.

More about Animal Aid & International Animal Rescue.


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