The main animal-named asanas (postures) can be found alphabetically in the list to the right (on each page of this website bar the homepage). If you know of another posture with an animal name not on this list then please do get in touch. The invention of new animal-named postures is also in the pipeline (in collaboration with anatomy and physiology experts) so as to incorporate a wider breadth of the astounding animal kingdom.

Each posture has its own story – historically, traditionally, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and biologically – both for the named animal/posture and the practitioner. Each posture and animal has its own wisdom to bestow upon us as we invite ourselves into the essence of each posture, commit to the posture and experience the posture. Each of us also has bundles to offer each animal we greet during our class and the whole of the animal kingdom in general.

The postures are arranged together in different ways, at different paces and in different styles with different emphases so as to create six different Animal Yoga™ classes including the following (NB: one class does not feature all of the postures but rather a carefully selected few to suit the nature of the class concerned):

  • The Animal Asanas Class™
    This is the full and main Animal Yoga practice covering almost all of the animal postures in a set-sequenced 90-minute session. The subsequent classes listed are for classes ranging in length from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Animal Yoga Flow™
    Generally a set sequence of postures explored in quicker succession and with more repetition.
  • Animal Yoga Restorative™
    Generally a set sequence of postures at a much slower pace, low physical intensity, more passive, staying in the postures for at least a few minutes.
  • Animal Yoga Advanced™
    Generally a set sequence of postures, hatha in style and featuring the more physically demanding postures or a more advanced arrangement of the postures.
  • Animal Yoga General™
    Generally a set sequence of postures, hatha in style, somewhere in between the Animal Yoga Flow, Restorative and Advanced practices.
  • Organic Animal Yoga™
    Hatha/flow, different set of postures each time – medium level of physical intensity.

Each class will also weave in animal-named mudras (hand gestures) and the Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama) practice.

See the Classes page for more information. Workshops are also offered for a chance to delve further into all of the above.




The universe is not for men alone, but is a theatre of evolution for all living beings.
Live and let live is its guiding principle.
Non-injury is the highest religion.
~ Virchand Gandhi





Specially translated for Animal Yoga™ by Shashi at Authentic Sanskrit.
Specially translated for Animal Yoga™ by Shashi at Authentic Sanskrit.


=  Sarvabhutaya Yogah (Animal Yoga)