Animal Yoga transitions to Animalia Asana®!

It is with great excitement we introduce the new and improved Animalia Asana®!

Animalia Asana® management and current Animalia Asana® teachers are all behind this new name, which we feel invites more intrigue and depth to the enterprise’s identity. We love the fusion of the two ancient languages of Latin and Sanskrit; we feel this suggests the balance required between faith/intuition/spirituality and science, and we feel it invites connection with our ancestry. And in the simplest sense, ‘asana’ refers to a posture (in our case, an animal-named posture!); in the broadest sense, it refers to the seat in which, through our yoga practice, we endeavour to reside ever more comfortably but firmly… the seat of connection and unity. Extending this connection and unity to other species is of paramount importance for understanding and practicing optimal compassion for ourselves, other human beings and other species.

This transition has been brought forth to prevent misidentification of our practices with other types of ‘animal yoga’ that seem to more immediately spring into people’s minds and that seem to be growing (e.g., practicing yoga alongside animals or animals themselves somehow practicing yoga).

We hope you enjoy this transition!

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