Animal Yoga™ @ Sun & Moon Festival

Animal Yoga™ 90-min session at the beautiful and first ever Sun & Moon Festival in Plumpton!

User commentsIt was an honour to be able to share the practice of Animal Yoga™ with more people a little further afield. Fabulous feedback and very well-received once again.

One client exclaimed at the end how much she enjoyed the practice and shared how she experienced imagery of animals and jungles. Definitely a very imaginative practice – I agree!

“Animals in Four Worlds”

Two new additions (in all their second-hand glory) to the Animal Yoga™ library!

Four Worlds bookMythical Animals Art book
1) Animals in Four Worlds
2) Mythical Animals in Indian Art

Really liking this nutshell summary regarding the title of the first book “The four worlds of the book’s title refer to the four dimensions that animals occupy in Indian thought: in nature, in the human world, in the divine world and in the world of fantasy“. As yoga was born in India, naturally this thinking has poured into yogic practices and yogic philosophy…

Unraveling and exploring the animal element within yoga….:-)

More sharings to follow in due course.


Mudras/Om Yoga Show/Donations

Several updates:

1) Approximately 40 animal-named stunning hasta mudras (hand gestures) have been countedMudra Book – thanks to the beautiful Mudras of India book by Cain and Revital Carroll. We’ll delve into some more of these in the Animal Yoga Workshops.

2) Breaking news: Animal Yoga™ has been selected to hold a taster class at London’s Om Yoga Show this October! Super exciting! We’ll hold a 30 min taster session on Sunday 25th Oct at 1.30pm and will be there to participate in the show on the Saturday too. Do come see us!

3) Donations to the two selected charities that Animal Yoga™ fundraises for will now be on an annual basis (as opposed to monthly as previously posted) – this is in alignment with other paperwork admin functionalities of society and also saves processing time for both the charities and the social enterprise of Animal Yoga™. Research is continuing with the help of expert advice as to what the optimal way forward in terms of legal structure/status for Animal Yoga™ is – we want to be held accountable but without the cost of incorporation, at least whilst we’re very small.

Another post before too long 🙂 xxx