2016-17 donations now made :)

Donations now made to International Animal Rescue and Animal Aid – £142 each from central Animal Yoga.

A further £186 donated to International Animal Rescue (including the Indian branch!) by individual Animal Yoga Teachers.

That’s a total of £470 given to animal causes as a result of Animal Yoga activities 🙂 Two fantastic animal protection bodies: One focusing on alleviating suffering on a global scale and another trying to prevent future suffering. A desirable balance.

Thank you for participating and for your interest

IAR & AA donation confirmation 2017  Int An Res logo Animal Aid logoback of tshirts - green - circle

Animal Yoga in The Times!

Amidst commentaries on Doga, Cat Yoga and Goat Yoga, Animal Yoga indeed receives a mention in this article in The Times 🙂

NB: Animal Yoga would not necessarily endorse some of the language used in the paragraph concerning it.


Four new Animal Yoga Teachers!

The aftermath of the first online Animal Yoga Specialization Training and the second face-to-face Animal Yoga Specialization Training brings us four fabulous new teachers! Animal Yoga extends its spread to Scotland, Devon and Hungary! Welcome Donna, Balazs, Lesley and Helen. Find more details here.

Animal Yoga Training 2017b

Cockerel ponderings…

Cockerel pose or kukkutasana can be an especially poignant and powerful posture to practice all through this festive season in contemplation of the astronomical numbers of these beings killed each year for festive celebrations of many a person. It can draw us closer in our connection with these animals and perhaps challenge current societal norms and our feelings about participation within these.

It’s a challenging posture too, so more practice time always welcome 🙂