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A review of book Cow Care in Hindu Animal Ethics by Animalia Asana patron Dr Kenneth Valpey:


“This fascinating book highlights the historical underpinnings for much of the present-day evidence of the continued importance of the cow in some cultures and countries; that is, the cow as a sentient animal, as a spiritual/divine/magical being and as a symbol of what can seem an infinite number of things, not least of all other animal life. The notion of the significance of the cow has found its way into yoga too—for example through cow-named yoga postures, cow-based mythology, cow-based spirituality, cow-oriented chants, the teaching of ahimsa, the belief in karma and the promotion of the sattwic illumined nature in practitioners that cows are believed to embody. As sincere yoga practitioners and teachers, I feel we are morally compelled to gain an ever deeper understanding of the cultural roots from which yoga has emerged and in which the practice remains embedded. It is also wise to gain a nuanced appreciation of the past and extant cultural sensitivities connected to yoga. This book most certainly helps with these endeavours. It pays homage to what has come before, weaving insights from different sources seamlessly and offering new considerations for contemporary times and the future. Most importantly, in the context of millions and millions of cows continuing to suffer or face injustices throughout the world today under human hand and society, this book recognises cows as victims and as individuals. Concern about the welfare of cows remains ever-present as you journey through the chapters, and it is afforded the high profile it deserves. I would wholeheartedly recommend this priceless gem”. – Jenny Mace, Founder of Animalia Asana®

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