Introducing FIAPO

Update: Introducing FIAPO – The Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations.FIAPO logo

This charity is to (both happily and sadly) replace the marvellous Animal Aid as one of the charity’s for which Animalia Asana® fundraises. This is no discredit to Animal Aid – quite the contrary – we hugely appreciate their work. FIAPO share a very similar approach to Animal Aid but are simply based in India. The switch is for the following reasons:

• the greater extent to which India’s milch cattle (and others) really are worse off than in Europe
• to give honour to yoga’s heritage in India
• to draw attention to the complexities surrounding cow veneration
• as Animalia Asana is attracting yoga teachers on mainland Europe, it seems beneficial to support an Indian charity as it is a country of mutual interest.

FIAPO has been informed and are excited to have our support long into the future!

International Animal Rescue remains the other charity for which Animalia Asana® fundraises. This maintains the initial decision to support one charity that focuses on rescuing animals in the here and now, and one charity focusing on education, research, policy recommendation and lobbying to help prevent suffering in the future.

We hope you agree this move is wise and understandable

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