Invitation to Loyola Marymount University

….to hold a 3-hr workshop on:

A Yogic Exploration of Human-Animal Relations.

“This workshop will offer an immersive consideration of our (humans’) modern relationship with other nonhuman animals. We will deep dive into some of the animal elements in yoga, both philosophically and practically. This is a non-prescriptive workshop; the intention is to offer a safe and guided space to encourage a discerning intellect on this broad topic, and for you to gain a more refined awareness of your own thoughts and feelings on this topic and in respect to your own relationship with other nonhuman animals. In particular, we shall highlight a common dilemma and polarized discussion point for yogis and yoginis: veganism. After a contemplative arrival and introductions, I will invite you to co-create some of the theoretical content with me in the first hour. There will then be ample opportunity for respectful, open, yet guided discussion, both as a whole and in smaller groups. The invitation is to challenge each other and ourselves to probe more fully and discerningly into our psyches and hearts. We will finish with a short and simple physical yoga practice – some dedicated time to explore your own expression of one animal-named posture”

More details here.


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